I have been a freelance writer, editor, and content developer for 15 years now. During that time, I've written for clients across a wide range of industries. Education, law, business, health and medicine, fashion, food and drink, film and television, literary musings — whether it's an industry, a niche market, or a perpetually unpaid (or underpaid) passion, chances are I've taken it on.

I'm a content creator and writer for Maximum Web Marketing, an entity I help run out of my home in the foothills of Colorado. Additionally, I am the reviews editor for Tarpaulin Sky Press and the founding editor of Vulgar Marsala Press, an outfit dedicated to promoting and publishing avant-garde and film-inspired poetry and prose. I'm also getting ready to launch Vulgar Marsala Magazine, a publication that specializes in children's surrealist poetry by contemporary avant-garde authors (and contemporary avant-garde children). I am interested in all things artistic, groundbreaking, and cutting-edge, but I can find inspiration (and the drive to create content that reflects as much) in veritably anything.

Areas of Expertise:

Content Creation & Development
Project Management 
Social Media Management & Publicity

Contact: lisaaflowers@gmail.com